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Sexy Socks

Friday, November 29th, 2013

Jenny shows you her sexy feet in ger socks and she orders you to lick! You will do it and then she is putting off her socks and she wants you to lick ner barefeet, too! Footgirl Jenny is really sexy and she knows that!

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

Come here to your mistress Jenny! She is showing you her sexy sneakers and after that she wants you to smell her socks!

Monday, November 4th, 2013

Sexy Jenny shows you her sexy white socks today! She loves it when you smell her sexy socks! Take a look at her barefeet and come closer!

Monday, August 5th, 2013

Hot girl Jenny shows you her sexy feet in her grey socks! She loves to feel your eyes on her socks! She puts her feet in your direction and she shows you her sexy barefeet, too! You will smell her sexy socks!

Friday, March 11th, 2011

Today Jenny shows you her sexy feet and she is playing with you. You have to be her little dog. She put her sneakers off and you have to sniff this dirthy sneaker. Later she hold her sexy socks under your nose and you have to sniff them , too. But thats of course not all, because she put off her sexy socks and you can see and smell her stinky feet. So come on little dog and sniff.

Take a look at Jenny´s sexy socks

Sunday, January 30th, 2011

Jenny is in the bathroom and she poses for you. She is wearing a black jeans with a shining belt. A sexy underwear bra and of course some sneakers and under them she has white socks. Jenny stand up, sit down and show you her shoes. Then she takes them of because she also wants to show you her sexy socks. She hold them in front of you so its possible for you to smell her feet.

And then she take her jacket off and she also takes off her socks. So you can see her naked feet during she is sitting on the floor. Her shoes and socks are in front of herself.

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Monday, January 17th, 2011

Jenny comes to look at her shower but now she decides to take a shower. She is wearing her jeans, a top and some socks, but that doesn´t matter. She putting the shower on and all her clothes will be wet. She sits down on the flor and put the shower head over her socks. They will be really wet.

But then she dicedes to put them off, but they are wet and so they paste on her naked feet. She put them off very slowly. She fondle her feet with the wet socks. Really nice pics and a sexy jenny.

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Monday, January 10th, 2011

Jenny is a very cute girl and she loves to sit on her bed. She takes off her shoes and so you can see her white shining socks. She put her feet in your direction and so you can look at them. Jenny let you also smell her sneakers. A really sweat aroma but you would love this smell. Last she takes off her socks very slowly so you can enjoy it. Then you see her naked feet. won´t you lick them?

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Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Sexy Jenny shows off her black boots as she sits on the white sofa. She wants you to clean them for her so she keeps holding them off right into your face. If you do a good job you might get a suprise she tells you. So you get to work making that shoes shine by stroking her soles and the leather with your tongue. You eat it all up, you know she likes that – you need that suprise – you have got that anticipation about it. After one boot shines, the other one needs a good licking. Then finally you are done! Nice job bootboy – she says and reaches down to her boots to take them off. Your hunch was right and adrenaline is pumped through your veins. This is your suprise, my stinky white socks – she explains. They have been worn all day long, trapped in her long black boots, vacuumized so the aroma is extra strong. You are in trance and begin to worship her smelly white stinky socks. First you kiss them then you rub them all over your face trying to capture her smell, her lovely foot aroma. She always gets you with her angel voice, and you will always perform as long as she injects the drug you need soo badly…

Foot Girl Jenny

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Its her again. She’s such a beauty and you need to think of her all the time. Everytime as you look at her you also look at her feet. She always wears so nice shoes and sometimes you get the impression that she propably knows about your fetish. Now she sits on the stairs as you are standing not far away from her enjoying the fresh air. Suddenly she looks over to you and begins to smile. You don’t know how to deal with this situation and simplay smile back to her and then she takes off her shoes!!! Why does she do so, and why does she look at you all the time, does she know it? Her white socks appear! Your heart is beating faster and then ever before – she smiles – did she find it out? She shows you to come closer! Its like a beat in your face – you look around – but there’s noone else! She smiles again – “Yes you”, she says. You get closer as you apprehend… Her socked feet are hold in front of your face. You can already smell them – that’s the taste of angels feet you think. “Do you like my socked feet?” she asks. Unable to speak you simply nod – it’s so embrassing that your heart is beating so fast that anyone could see it by just looking on your throat. “I hope it won’t kill you footboy” she giggles and suddenly begins to strip down her socked white feet…

Foot Girl Jenny